Secure Payment Processing Over The Internet
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Secure Payment

To ensure your payment information is secure we use the HPVerifone Gateway. The HPVerifone Gateway processes your credit card information securely in real time using the latest available encryption technology . This means your payment information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet to your credit issuing institution. HPVerifone is accredited by Royal Bank of Canada. Look for the unbroken key or locked lock on the bottom of the page that accepts your credit card information to ensure you are submitting your payment information on a secure form.

Security Concerns

You are concerned about the security of your personal information. There is now more security using your credit card to purchase goods and services through the HPVerifone Secure Electronic Web Payment System. This payment system keeps your personal credit card information strictly between you and the bank.

The HPVerifone Secure Electronic Web Payment System protects credit card information so it's not stored where unauthorized use could occur. It is also safe from hackers, network monitors and spies. Here's how your are protected. First, a website must apply for and obtain a digital certificate. A digital certificate indicates that the company is who they say they are. Someone trying to do business under a false name will not be able to obtain a digital certificate.

Using the digital certificate the company can then accept credit card numbers from a secure area on their website. This secure area is encrypted to prevent unauthorized use of a credit card number while it is input on the site. When you click on ENTER, the HPVerifone Secure Electronic Payment System encrypts the card number and sends it to your bank. You will often hear numbers referring to the strength of encryption. The higher the number the safer the information. At this point 128 bit encryption is the industry standard until we get to the S.E.T. standard.

For you the consumer, knowing that a major chartered bank ( Royal Bank Of Canada), has certified HPVerifone's eCommerce Solution, for transmitting credit card transactions utilizing the HPVerifone payment system, is reassuring.