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Criminal Identifier

Safety Concerns
Canada is still a relatively safe place to live. Yet many people, especially women, are more vulnerable and feel justified fear.

Hear are some facts about women's feeling of safety in public spaces.

  • 90% of street crimes goes unsolved and not reported.
  • 60% of women who walks alone in their own neighbourhoods after dark report being "very" or "somewhat" worried about their safety.
  • 76% of women who use public transportation alone after dark report being "very" or "somewhat" worried about their safety.
  • 83% of women using parking garages report being "very" or "somewhat" worried about their safety.
  • 66% of women who express fear for their personal safety say they would walk alone if they felt safer.

DyeWitness Spray

Personal Security

Instantly Immobilizes Attacker and stains face and skin GREEN up to  8 days for easy identification by the police!

You will be...

  • safer on public transit.
  • secure when you jog.
  • confident in underground parking.
  • protected when you work odd or late hrs.
  • Fast, Free! Shipping and Handling to anywhere in Canada or the USA.
  • Shipped within 24hrs of purchase.

Not available in stores

Protect yourself and loved ones from attackers and leave your mark!

Special Features

  • Delivers a 70lb per square inch blast of green aqua foam that instantly immobilizes an attacker and blocks their vision.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Fits comfortably and discreetly in palm, pocket or purse.
  • Will not freeze when kept in pocket or purse.
  • Foaming dye stains attacker's face for 7 - 8 days and permanently stains clothing for easy identification by police.
  • Hits target up to 20ft. away (test conducted in the USA).
  • Non - toxic
  • Causes no permanent damage if inhaled or ingested.
  • Water based product.
  • Humane and non-cruel way of defending yourself.
  • Legal in Canada and the United States.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...Recommended by the leading criminologist Michael Rosenthal, Developer of the Stun Gun.

Reason our clients choose this item...

  • Outdoor activities
  • Work odd or late hours
  • Home and family protection
  • Underground parking
  • Walk to car
  • Take public transit

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