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Rummoli - Deluxe


The rummoli board game remains a classic among poker type board games.
Families for decades have found this card game perfect for the nights spent gathered around the tabletop in the game parlor.
The rummoli board game is sure to keep your mind occupied for hours.
Plan your strategy for a great party and include the rummoli board game board around the table.

How to Play

Rummoli board games can be played by two to eight players on the "Rummoli" playing surface.
This game utilizes a standard deck of playing cards, minus the joker, and chips for tools to play the game.
To begin playing the rummoli board game there are a few steps you need to keep in mind:

  • Cut cards
  • Divide Chips
  • Counter each section
  • Serve the cards & bet

The game begins with the cutting of the cards, where the dealer of the original hand is determined.
Remember that with Rummoli, the ace is always high.
Now the playing chips or counters are divided evenly among the players and each places a counter on the nine sections.
Rummoli board games then allows the dealer to serve the cards, one at a time, while also dealing the extra hand, which is known as the “Widow’.
This is where strategies take over as the game begins.

Rummoli Strategy

The rummoli board game keeps players on their toes as some players may have more cards than others, but this is of no consequence.
After looking at the cards in his own hand, the dealer may, if he so desires, exchange his hand for the "Widow".
The rules of the game do not allow a player to look at the cards in the "Widow" before the exchange is made.
If the dealer decides to play his original hand, he may auction the "Widow" to the highest bidder among the other players. The dealer will always keep the proceeds.
Any player making an exchange of his hand for the "Widow" must accept even though it should turn out to be a poorer hand than his original hand.
The rules of the rummoli board game are quite simple and with a variety of deluxe software and game information available, you can be winning this card game in no time.

Playing cards not included.

Rummoli - Deluxe

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