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Games - Cooperative

Family Pastimes - Diplomatic Mission
Players are diplomats who must use all their skills to prevent a return to war, as Politicians, Journalists and the Military also manoeuver. 1 to 2 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Eagle Eye Agency
Our most popular adult and teen game! Players are Private Eyes, working for Eagle Eye Agency, gathering clues in Big City to solve mysteries. 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Early Years
Four co-operative card games for younger children. Nurtures observation, communication, imagination & memory skills. A big bargain with lots of play value. 1 to 12 players, ages 4-7; group game rules included for up to 36 players
Family Pastimes - Earth Game
A peace game. Players look after Fictional Nations, and have to be quick thinking and compassionate to deal with rapidly changing events. 2 to 12 players, ages 10 to adult
Family Pastimes - Earthquake
There's been an earthquake! The Rescue Team needs to help Animal and Human families get past the spreading Crevices to their Homes. 1 to 6 players, ages 5-7
Family Pastimes - Explorers
Players plan and carry out expeditions based on actual journeys of explorers such as Marco Polo, Nansen, Scott, Drake and Cook. Great for family or classroom. 2 to 12 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Eyes of the Jungle
There's trouble in the jungle. Children are missing, Temples have been robbed, Rare Animals captured... Tricky strategies; a new adventure each time. 1 to 10 players, ages 8 to adult
Family Pastimes - First Impressions
A relaxed, non-competitive game based on playful and serious "first impressions" of others. Great for getting to know each other and nurturing communication skills. 4 to 20 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Funny Face
A hilarious, quick-moving pantomime game that kids just love. Everyone stays involved, so many funny things are happening at once. 3 to 18 players, ages 3-8

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Family Pastimes - Galaxy
A solitaire or group game played with beautifully illustrated cards. Also includes a booklet of 40 additional games played with the same deck. 1 to 6 players, ages 5 to adult
Family Pastimes - Games Kit
A thick pad of pages for four different Family Pastimes paper and pencil games. 1 to 5 players, ages 6 to adult
Family Pastimes - Games Manual
More than 170 co-operative games and activities. Ages 3-12+
Family Pastimes - Good Ship Freedom
Captain K needs a crew to cross the dangerous seas to Freedom Island. Players help each other join the crew and avoid the feverish Patrols. A Kafkaesque metaphor. 1 to 12 players, ages teen to adult
Family Pastimes - Granny's House
An adventure game in which young children use their imaginations to get around obstacles on the way to Granny's House. 1 to 6 players, ages 4-7

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