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Games - Cooperative

Family Pastimes - Harvest Time
This game gets the most fan mail! Plant a garden, and then try to harvest it before winter comes. 2 to 4 players, ages 3-7

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Family Pastimes - Home Builders
Players build homes from different cultures, past and present, and try to keep them safe from natural disasters. 2 to 8 players, ages 5-9
Family Pastimes - Hotel Ritz
Players are House Detectives, trying to prevent sophisticated Thieves from stealing the Hotel Guests' Valuables, worth millions. 1 to 8 players, ages 10 to adult
Family Pastimes - Hugs & Tickles
Pass on a hug, a joke, a song or a happy thought to help everyone have a Good Day and keep those Blues away. 2 to 12 players, ages 5-9
Family Pastimes - Ice Breakers to the Rescue
Can you use your Coast Guard ice breakers to keep the Arctic waters open and allow ships to reach their destinations? 2 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult
Family Pastimes - Investigators
Players look for clues and use their wits to solve cases and get their clients out of trouble. A quick-moving game of sharing and decision making. 2 to 8 players, ages 8 to adult
Family Pastimes - Marble Games
Illustrated rules for more than 50 co-operative marble games. Ages 6-12
Family Pastimes - Max
Help the little Creatures get home before Max the Tomcat catches them. Involves logic, discussion and decision-making. 1 to 8 players, ages 4-7
Family Pastimes - Maze
An intricate strategy game with the flavour of chess. 1 to 2 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Messages
Three games for anyone who loves playing with words and ideas. 1 to 6 players, ages 10 to adult
Family Pastimes - New America
Players act as Research and Development teams trying to redesign North America's Social-Economic System before it's too late. Designed to provoke discussion. 2 to 12 players, older teen to adult
Family Pastimes - Not an Island
A science fiction game, with a story-telling format, based on real issues. Includes role-playing, values discussions, dialoguing, problem solving and creative writing. 4 to 15 players, ages 10 to adult
Family Pastimes - Oasis
Players are Camel Drivers, guiding Caravans from their Home Village through the Desert, gathering Valuable Things to trade and sell when and if they reach The City. 1 to 8 players, ages 9 to adult (This game is really three games in one includes alternate versions for ages 5-7 and 12+.)
Family Pastimes - Our Town
A town planning game. The urban companion to Community (see above), with more advanced strategies. 2 to 6 players, ages 10 to adult

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