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Games - Party

Family Pastimes - First Impressions
A relaxed, non-competitive game based on playful and serious "first impressions" of others. Great for getting to know each other and nurturing communication skills. 4 to 20 players, ages 12 to adult
Family Pastimes - Funny Face
A hilarious, quick-moving pantomime game that kids just love. Everyone stays involved, so many funny things are happening at once. 3 to 18 players, ages 3-8

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Family Pastimes - Hugs & Tickles
Pass on a hug, a joke, a song or a happy thought to help everyone have a Good Day and keep those Blues away. 2 to 12 players, ages 5-9
Family Pastimes - Personal Portraits
A relaxed, friendly game in which players paint verbal portraits of each other through serious and playfully humorous image cards. Solitaire, couples and group versions. 1 to 30 players, adults
Gigantik BINGO
Can$19.95 Can$11.95 On Sale!
50 Bingo Cards
Call-out Sheet
Check Chart & Instructions
Outset Media - THINGS
THINGS – A side-splitting game guaranteed to bring any party to life. Cards include "THINGS... you shouldn't say to a police officer,"or "THINGS... that make you nervous." Everyone writes answers, and you try to guess who wrote them. Imaginations run wild, and stomachs cramp with laughter in this game that comes enclosed in a classy wooden box..

Ages 8 and up / 4 or more players

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