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Outset Media - THINGS

About the Game

•Requires 4 or more players
•Designed for ages 8 and up

The steadfast fun offered in THINGS... is only limited to a player's imagination. The game presents players with provocative topics, such as "THINGS... you shouldn't say to your doctor,"or "THINGS... that could get you arrested," and allows each player to write down whatever comes to mind.

Then, after each answer is read aloud, players take turns guessing who wrote down each response. If someone matches you with your response, you get knocked out of that round. THINGS... offers a high level of player involvement as everyone participates in each turn It's a game where trivia skills and drawing skills fall by the wayside for provocative questions and absurd answers. THINGS... is a true exercise of the imagination, and guaranteed to bring laughter..


• 1 set of topic cards
• 1 Response pad
• 1 score pad
• 10 pencils

Outset Media - THINGS

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