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Outset Media - The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game™

The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game

The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game

About the Game

•Requires 2 or more players

Birders everywhere, it’s time to drop your binoculars and focus on a game that is sure to soar. The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game is the ultimate birding trivia game designed for those who want to test their knowledge on North American birds.

Bird watching is North America’s fastest growing hobby, and is currently enjoyed by 64 million Americans. This game provides birders of all skill levels a way to learn more about the birds they observe every day.

Topics covered in the game include habitat, mannerisms, field marks, diet, nomenclature, and more.

This beautifully packaged game features over 2,000 questions falling to three levels of difficulty – beginner, intermediate, and expert – making the game suitable for birders of all skills levels.


•Instruction sheet
•Game board
•360 question cards
•8 playing pieces
•30 “Life List” cards

Sample Questions

1. North America's most common species of Albatross can be found on which coast?

2. What is the most common species of Grebe in North America?

3. Which is the only species of Kingfisher that hides its burrow entrance behind hanging vegetation?

4. This Woodpecker, once our largest species, is now believed to be extinct.

5. Which of the following identifies a Ruby-crowned Kinglet: dark streaking on breast, white eyebrow, white wings bars, or yellow crown patch?

6. Where does the Bank Swallow nest: in burrows on steep banks, in gourd-shaped nests inside abandoned buildings, or in tree cavities?

7. Which two of the following are important sources of food for the Cedar Waxwing: berries, cedar leaves, insects, or seeds?

8. This endangered bird's call has been described as a trumpeting ker-loo ker-lee-loo.

9. During what season can Cedar Waxwings be found in the Pacific Northwest: summer, winter, year round, or never?

Answers: 1. Pacific coast 2. Pied-billed Grebe 3. Green Kingfisher 4. Ivory-billed Woodpecker 5. White wing bars 6. In burrows on steep banks 7. Berries and insects 8. Whooping Crane 9. Year round

Game Instructions

To Start:

• Decide what skill level you wish to play. Each card includes three skill levels of questions: Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert.

You will be asked questions from your chosen skill level for the duration of the game.

• Each player or team must select a playing piece.
• Place all the selected playing pieces on the "start" square.
• Decide who goes first (we recommend starting with the most novice birder, and work

To Play:

Player 1 moves forward one square, to the "Florida Keys". Players move forward one square at the beginning of every turn. Note: moving forward means moving clockwise.

Player 1 is now asked a question from the appropriate skill level. If the question is answered correctly, Player 1 moves forward one square. It remains Player 1's turn until a question is answered incorrectly, or until a "life list” card ends the turn. If Player 1 answers incorrectly, the turn is over.

• Move clockwise around the table. Just remember, at the beginning of every turn you move forward one square.

• When you land on a "life list" card, select a card from the "life list" pile. Do what the card says, and when done, return the card to the bottom of the pile.

Note: If the card asks you to answer a trivia question, and you answer correctly, your turn continues. If the card does not ask you to answer a question, after moving to the appropriate square, your turn is over.

• The first player to make it back to the "start" square wins the game.

Please note that in many questions we refer to North America. For the purpose of this game, North America includes continental United States and Canada, from Alaska to Florida, and California to Newfoundland. Mexico and Hawaii are not included.

Outset Media - The Great North American Bird Watching Trivia Game™

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