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Outset Media - The All American Trivia Board Game™ - Junior Edition

The All American Trivia Board Game

About the Game

•Requires two or more players
•Designed for ages 9 and up

Have you ever wanted to just play games rather than study for your history or geography test? Well now you can do both at the same time!

Outset Media is proud to introduce the Junior Edition of the best-selling All American Trivia Board Game. Designed specifically for younger players, the Junior Edition allows youth to have a blast, challenging each other’s knowledge on 100% American content in a fun, social atmosphere.

The game is easy to learn, with three categories – geography, history, and general. It’s a race around the game board. With over 1,080 questions, the game includes questions such as “Who is famous for his ‘I have a dream’ speech?” And “What is the largest state in America?”

In a world where knowledge is power, get your education the most entertaining way -- by playing The All American Trivia Board Game - Junior Edition.


•Instruction Sheet
•Game Board
•360 Question Cards
•6 Playing Pieces
•30 "Uncle Sam" Cards

Sample Questions

1. The Mississippi River flows into what body of water?

2. The bombing of Pearl Harbor forced the entry of the United States into what war?

3. What baseball team plays home games at Fenway Park?

4. Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in the United States, is located in which state?

5. Which state witnessed the historic battle at The Alamo?

6. Who created the cartoon character, Mickey Mouse?

7. What was Paul Revere's profession: farmer, politician, silversmith, or soldier?

8. What river is located along the southern border of Texas?

During what war did Benedict Arnold become a traitor to the American people?

Answers: 1. Gulf of Mexico 2. World War Two 3. Boston Red Sox 4. Alaska 5.Texas 6. Walt Disney 7. Silversmith 8. Rio Grande River 9. American Revolution (War of Independence)

Game Instructions

To Start:

• Place the stack of ‘UNCLE SAM’ cards on the ‘UNCLE SAM’ logo on the game board.
• Decide what type of game you wish to play - Regular Play, Quick Play, or Long Play***.
• Each player, or team, must select a playing piece.
• Place all the selected playing pieces on the ‘START’ square.
• Decide who goes first. (we recommend starting with the youngest player, and work clockwise)

To Play:

Player 1 moves forward one square. Players move forward one square at the beginning of every turn.

Note: moving forward means moving clockwise.

Player 1 is now asked a question from the appropriate category (the category written in the square). If the question is answered correctly, Player 1 moves forward one square, and is asked another question. It remains Player 1’s turn until a question is answered incorrectly, or until an ‘UNCLE SAM’ card ends the turn.

• Move clockwise around the table. Just remember, at the beginning of every turn you move forward one square.
When you land on an ‘UNCLE SAM’ card, select the top card from the pile. Do what the card says, and when done, return the card to the bottom of the pile.

• When the ‘UNCLE SAM’ card asks you to answer a question, you may select any category you wish. The first player to make it back to the ‘START’ square wins the game.

Note: In order to win, you must answer a question correctly. You can not win by simply moving forward one square at the beginning of your turn.

***For Regular Play games, players circle the game board twice. For Quick Play games, players must circle the game board only once. For Long Play games, the winner must circle the game board three times.

Outset Media - The All American Trivia Board Game™ - Junior Edition

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