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Outset Media - My First Three Nature Games™

My First 3 Nature Games

About the Game

•Requires 1 to 4 players
•Designed for ages 3 and up

My First 3 Nature Games
leads children in the discovery of nature and helps them to strengthen essential learning skills. Made of durable, recycled materials, the 3 drawer storage box holds progressive, developmental games for children ages 3 to 6.

The three games are:

Baby Animals Memory Game exercises visual memory and observation skills. The fastest player to match the most babies with their mothers wins the game.

Who’s Afraid of the Fox is a simplified board game, based on image recognition, helping to teach understanding of wild animals and their role in the food chain, be it herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore.

Hide-and-Seek Dominoes is based on visual identity, introducing the defense mechanisms animals use to survive when confronted by predators. The winner is the fastest player to lay down all his/her dominoes by matching their animals their with defense mechanisms.


•9 "Mother" cards and 18 "Baby cards
•1 game board, 1 illustrated die and 4 figurines
•28 dominoes

Outset Media - My First Three Nature Games™

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