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Outset Media - The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Game™

The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Board Game

About the Game

•Requires 2 or more players
•Designed for all ages

If you thought watching hockey all your life would never pay off, guess again. The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Board Game offers all hockey fans the chance to put their knowledge to the test.

The game features four categories, including a rookie category for beginner hockey fans. The expert categories include Players, Teams, and General. Now hockey fans of all skill levels can play, learn about, and enjoy the game at the same time.

While the focus of most questions is on the National Hockey League, questions also include other leagues, international hockey, various players, rules, and more.


•Instruction Sheet
•Game Board
•360 Question Cards
•6 Playing Pieces
•30 "referee call" Cards

Sample Questions

1. What left-winger, and future coach, was nicknamed “Slats”?

2. What team had the highest payroll during the 1999-2000 season? Hint: they didn’t make the playoffs.

3. Who was the president of the NHL from its inception in 1917 until 1943?

4. What annual NHL trophy is awarded to the MVP during the regular season?

5. In 1976, what Maple Leaf netted six goals in one game?

6. Of the four founding teams in the NHL, which two were in existence at the start of the 1999-2000 season?

7. Who was awarded the Hart Trophy in 1988, ending Wayne Gretzky’s eight consecutive victories?

8. What city is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame?

9. What Penguin forward won his first Hart Trophy in 1999?

Answers: 1. Glen Sather 2. New York Rangers 3. Frank Calder 4. Hart Trophy 5.Darryl Sittler 6. Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators 7. Mario Lemieux 8. Toronto 9. Jaromir Jagr

Game Instructions

Welcome to The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Board Game. As the name suggests, this is a trivia game for hockey fans who want to test their knowledge about the greatest sport in the world. While the game does focus primarily on NHL teams and players, it also includes questions on hockey history, international hockey, junior hockey, and other professional hockey leagues. One feature, which many people appreciate, is the ‘rookie’ category for novice hockey fans. This allows everyone to play and have a chance at winning.

To Start

Place the stack of "Referee Call Cards" on the center ice.
Decide which skill level you want to play. There are two skill levels; rookie and veteran. The veteran player will be asked questions from the Players, Teams, and General categories. The rookie player will only be asked questions from the Rookie category.

Each player, or team, must select a playing piece.
Place all the selected playing pieces on the “start” square.
Decide who goes first (we recommend starting with the youngest player, and work clockwise)

How to Play

Player 1 moves forward one square. Players move forward one square at the beginning of every turn. Note: moving forward means moving clockwise.

Player 1 is now asked a question from the appropriate category (the category written in the square). If the question is answered correctly, Player 1 moves forward one
square, and is asked another question. It remains Player 1’s turn until a question is answered incorrectly, or until a “referee call card” ends the turn.

Novice players are always asked questions from the Rookie category, regardless of what is written in the square.

Move clockwise around the table. Just remember, at the beginning of every turn you move forward one square.

When you land on a “referee call card”, select the top card from the pile. Do what the card says, and when done, return the card to the bottom of the pile.
When the "referee call card" asks you to answer a question, you may select
any category you wish. A veteran player could choose from the Players,
Teams, and General categories. The novice player would answer questions
from the Rookie category.

Note: if the card asks you to answer a trivia question, and you answer correctly, your turn continues. If the card does not ask you to answer a question, after moving to the appropriate square, your turn is over.

The first player to make it back to the “start” square wins the game.

Outset Media - The Ultimate Hockey Trivia Game™
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