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Outset Media - The Ultimate Football Trivia Game™

The Ultimate Football Trivia Game

About the Game

•Requires 2 or more players
•Designed for all ages

If you think it’s satisfying winning a football game, wait until you taste victory with The Ultimate Football Trivia Board Game. This is your chance to prove you have the strongest football knowledge amongst all your friends.

While the game focuses on professional football, questions also include college football, football history, rules, and more.

Featuring over 1,400 questions divided into four categories – players, teams, general, and a special rookie category for novice fans, this game welcomes players of all levels of football knowledge to play in the same game. The game also features Official Call cards, where players can be penalized for misbehaving. Who knew football could be so fun!


•Instruction Sheet
•Game Board
•360 Question Cards
•6 Playing Pieces
•30 "Official Call" Cards

Sample Questions

1. What quarterback led Notre Dame to the college championship in 1977?

2. What is Ohio State's college football team nicknamed?

3. What Washington Redskins quarterback broke his leg in 1985?

4. What team was the first to win four Super Bowls?

5. What University of Pittsburgh tight end was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1961?

6. In college football, how many feet does a receiver need to have in-bounds to make a fair catch?

7. What offensive tackle was nicknamed the "Mad Scientist"?

8. In 1969, Bo Schembechler began a 21-year stint as coach of what college football team?

9. What stadium is home to the Nebraska Cornhuskers?

Answers: 1. Joe Montana 2. Ohio State Buckeyes 3. Joe Theismann 4. Pittsburgh Steelers 5. Mike Ditka 6. One 7. Bart Buetow 8. Michigan Wolverines 9. Tom Osborne Field

Outset Media - The Ultimate Football Trivia Game™

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