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Canadian Heritage Trading Cards - Random Insert Foil Pack Box

Sold like our favorite sports trading cards.
Each box contains 32 packs of 5 randomly inserted cards.
You never know what cards you will find in each pack.
Total card count equals 160 per box.
  • 7000 boxes available for all of Canada for 2004
  • Available for direct to customer and retail orders
  • All cards in each foil pack are randomly inserted
  • Perforated box top for pop-up display
  • Only English versions available
  • National Launch Date: June 27th, 2004
  • Delivery Date: June 30st, 2004

A fun way to collect this novel trading card set. All cards in each pack are completely randomized – you never know what you will get. Unlike the complete sets, the randomized foil packs may contain the ‘Political Parties’ die-cut rare cards (1 per 64 packs on average) and the ultra rare ‘Canadian Icon’ cards (1 per 96 packs on average).

Canadian Heritage Trading Cards - Random Insert Foil Pack Box

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