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Canadian Heritage Trading Cards - Complete 2004 Set (English)

The entire 2004 standard card set in one package.

  • Only 5,000 Complete boxed sets of English Cards
  • Only 5,000 Complete boxed sets of French Cards (July 30th debut)
  • Available only for direct to customer orders
  • Complete Set includes: 65 card set, 5 ‘Leaders of a Nation’ die-cut rare cards, 5 ‘Women of Distinction’ die-cut rare cards, Special container box and certificate of authenticity.
  • Perforated box top for pop-up display
  • National Launch Date: June 27th, 2004
  • Delivery Date: June 1st, 2004 (July 30th, 2004 for French Set)

An exquisite collection of pictures depicting numerous elements of Canada. Each card is a reflection of the individual eccentricities of our diverse landscape. With only 5000 sets available, this first printing will become a valued center piece for any patriot. This set is the only venue to get all 5 Leaders of a Nation die-cut and Women of Distinction die-cut cards. Possible second print already being designed.

Canadian Heritage Trading Cards - Complete 2004 Set (English)

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