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Family Pastimes - Hugs & Tickles

Help everyone from Mom and Dad to Granny and Grandpa have a Great Day and not get caught by The Blues. Pass on a hug. Make others laugh with goofy faces. Tell someone what you like about them, dance, sing together, share a joke...

Feel-Good Cards have lots of things to do to chase away The Blues. But watch out for those old Blues; they can sneak up on you very quickly. You can personalize this game's supplies by adding various books and music of your own. Some suggestions are included.

Includes: 12 x 12" board, feel-good cards, neighbourhood card, people movers, the blues, dice.  1986, 1994

Our customers say:
"A great party or learning game, whether for a few
or many youngsters!"
Maine, USA

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Family Pastimes - Hugs & Tickles

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