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Family Pastimes - Bus Depot Diner

You operate the Depot Diner together. When a Bus pulls up and the hungry passengers pile out with only 30 minutes to eat, you have to work as a team to see that they get fed and leave happy. The passengers belly up to the Counter with Orders... The Servers scurry out of the kitchen with food, the Boss directs the traffic, trying to please everyone.

"Would you like some Pie with your Burger, Sir!"

It's tough when a customer finds a Bug in her Salad or Lipstick on her Coffee Cup. Worse can happen when a Server slips on a Greasy Spot and spills the Soup.

"Eek! There's a fly in my Soup!"

Time slips away, but maybe with an extra coffee and a piece of delicious blueberry pie, we can coax the Driver to stay a few minutes more. Maybe not. Still, you have to love those Big Tips earned for good service and we hope to get many of them.

"Well, thank you very much, Ma'am!"

Quick-paced, original and challenging, with plenty of clever strategies for teens and adults. Especially pleasing is that this game can be played by few or many, and a variety of ages: it comes with three sets of rules, for younger children (5-7 yrs), middle years (7-12 yrs) and tough adult play like having three games in one box!

Includes: 12 x 12" board; boss marker; card sets for food, customers and events; 3 sets of rules. 2001

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Family Pastimes - Bus Depot Diner

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