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Memo Maid (Set of two)

Designed to hold multiple notes and full page documents.

It's design will keep the notes away from the monitor edge, so you won't be constantly aggravated with notes infringing in your viewing area.
It's simplicity makes for easy installation, just peel backing from tape and stick to monitor. It's that easy.
With no moving parts there is nothing to break, you will get years of great use.

Ergonomic positioning means less repetitive motion strain and injury.
The convenient location means greater efficiency. Less travel between paper and screen means fewer mistakes will be made and productivity will increase.
Some users have noticed they suffer fewer tension headaches and stiff necks caused from the repetitive motion of looking down or over when repeatedly viewing documents for input.

Designed for either left and right positioning.

Memo Maid (Set of two)

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Read our positive eBay Feedback! Read our positive eBay Feedback! Read our positive eBay Feedback!

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