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Stock Ticker

The Game That Makes Fortunes And Fun!

  • Play Money
  • Shares
  • Game Board
  • Valuation Chart
  • 6 Pawns
  • 3 Special Dice
  • Rules


The object of the game, is to buy and sell stocks, and by so doing accumulate a greater amount of money than the other players at the end of the game.

The winner is decided by setting a time limit at the start of the game, and is the person having the greatest amount of money, after selling his/her stocks to the Broker at their present market value, plus their moneys on hand.

For 2 to 8 players.


  1. A stock Quotation Board with spaces to indicate the value of the Stocks used in the game which are Gold, Tech, Oil, Industrial, Bonds and Grain.
  2. Three Dice - These dice control the upward or downward fluctuation of the Stock, as well as denote the amount and when a dividend is declared.
  3. Play Money - In denominations of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, and $5000's.
  4. Stock Certificates - A set of Stock Certificates of the different Stocks in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000.
  5. Six Stock Indicators.
  6. Stock Dividend and Stock Valuations Charts.

Set the Board on the table where it may be seen by all players. Now place the Stock Indicators on the Stock Quotation Board at $1.00, which is Par Value of all stocks at the beginning of the game.

Each player is to be given $5000.00 in various denominations.

One of the players is now chosen to be the Broker, who will handle the buying and selling of all Stocks, as well as the paying of dividends. As the roll of the dice indicates an upward or downward price change the price indicators may be moved by any one, preferably the player in the most convenient position.

Each player has the option of buying up to $5000.00 worth of Stock or different Stocks as desired. That is, a player may buy all of one particular Stock, or various amounts of different Stocks, as he/she may see fit, at their Par Value of $1.00. All players must hold some Stock at the start of the game. The Broker starts the game. She/He rolls the three dice together and then passes them to the person on her/his left for their roll and so on around the table. After each roll of the dice, any player can move the Stock Indicators on the Quotation Board to correspond with the roll of the dice, for example: - if, when the dice are rolled they show Gold up 10, the indicator would then be moved from $1.00 to show Gold at $1.10. If, when the next person rolls the dice show Gold down 20, the indicator is moved from $1.10 to .90.

Should the dice when rolled show a Dividend, and the value of that particular Stock at the time of the roll is at Par Value of $1.00 or more, a Dividend is paid at that time by the Broker to each player holding that Stock, according to the amount shown by the roll of the dice. For example: - If, when the dice are rolled, Gold shows a dividend of 10, each player holding that Stock is paid $100.00 for each 1000 shares of Gold held. NO DIVIDEND IS TO BE PAID ON ANY STOCK WHOSE VALUE IS UNDER PAR - $1.00.

The Broker and players have the option of rolling the dice one, two or three complete rounds before allowing the buying or selling of stocks. This decision is made before the start of the game. In any event, the buying or selling must take place ONLY prior to the Broker's roll, and all stocks can only be bought or sold at their present market value, which is at that time shown on the Stock Quotation Board.

When a Stock reaches or goes over $2.00 a split is declared, and all players holding that particular Stock receive from the Broker another Share for each one held, and the value of that particular Stock then goes back to Par value of $1.00

When a Stock drops so that it has no value, all of that particular Stock held by the players is turned back to the Broker, and the same Stock is put back on the market at par value of $1.00. Now, any player may re-buy that Stock again but must pay $1.00 per share which is its new Par Value.

No player can borrow money from another player.

In the event a player loses all his Stocks and money, he may borrow up to $1000.00 from the Broker. This amount is to be paid back to the Broker before calculating the player's money on hand at the end of the game, plus $500.00 borrowing Charge. Any player is allowed to borrow only once during the progress of the game.

This chart shows the amount of money paid by the Broker on Stocks, according to the amount of Dividend declared.

This chart shows the amount of money payable to the Broker for different denominations of Stocks according to their Market Value.

Stock Ticker
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